chat_80pxCounselling and Psychotherapy

counselling and psychotherapyCounselling is about exploring opportunities for change by raising awareness and increasing understanding and choice in a safe, supportive environment.

Sometimes making sense of our circumstances can be difficult and we can feel isolated. Past experience can be useful in helping us make choices, yet it can also colour our view, limiting our potential and opportunities in life.

At Hull and East Riding Counselling our confidential services are available for:-

  • Adults : Counselling can help us engage more positively with life’s challenges, helping us to find meaning and purpose. It encourages clarity of thought and the potential to break free from outworn patterns and responses that have become habitual.
  • Couples : You may wish to explore current difficulties or issues that have been an under-current in your relationship for some time. Perhaps you have already made the decision to separate and wish to have the space to explore future arrangements.
  • Young people aged 14 years and upwards : Sometimes understanding what happens to us in life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and it can be helpful to speak with an adult outside of your friends and family who is specially trained in listening.

If you’d like to make contact with us, please do so today, details on our Contact Page.

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